HeatStaking System with fixed component holder

HeatStaking process for fixing a component into a "plastic pit".

The following steps are shown in this video:

- HeatStaking system with a fixed component holder.
- Insert the product into the component holder.
- Automatic start of the HeatStaking process.
- Customer-specific, temporarily heated thermode (HeatStaking tool).
- The thermode moves onto the product.
- Measurement of the component height.
- Heating of the thermode, pressure/force-controlled HeatStaking phase.
- Active cooling phase of the thermode and the plastic.
- Measurement of the penetration.
- The Thermode moves back into its rest position.
- Remove the HeatStaked component.

The result: Perfectly form-fitting, HeatStaked component and visually appealing shape.

Maximum process reliability thanks to fivefold monitoring: path, pressure, temperature, force and power measurement.

Further information at https://www.hartmann.gs/heatstaking